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Overview & Objective

The Brand India Electrical Equipment catalogue is meant to provide global industry a one stop virtual window to identify profitable opportunities emerging out of rapidly advancing Indian Electrical Equipment industry. The catalogue lists down the most advanced and capable Indian companies who are at forefront and established their niche & expertise in delivering the quality, services & commitment throughout the end-user industry.

The other major objective of the catalogue is to provide a comprehensive guide to National & International Standards for the industry. The efficiency & reliability is the benchmark of the success and sustainability in the sector. The selected companies are enlisted through careful screening. Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) identified & issued International quality and efficiency standards, which forms the basis of eligibility for enlisting the manufacturers and exporters into this exclusive Catalogue.

The companies are expected to commit their best International Practices and uphold the esteem of Brand India Engineering exercise. The catalogue is expected to become a mean for international customers in identifying their suitable partnerships & collaboration. Any kind of adverse revelation found contrary to the disclosed information shall lead to cancellation of their participation from the catalogue.