toshibaToshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Group is a world leader in the supply of integrated solutions for energy transmission & distribution. Toshiba has developed its superior technology and has a history of high product quality in this market throughout the course of more than 100 years, manufacturing its first transformer in 1894 and its first switchgear in 1902.

TTDI is a leading manufacturer of T&D equipment which includes Power and Distribution Transformers from 5 KVA to 1000 MVA, 1200 kV class, Switch gear products (GIS, SA, CT, PT and VCB etc).

Its vast experience and continued expansion has allowed it to gain immense trust and appreciation from customers around the world. Toshiba continues to serve the people and planet that we call home.

TTDI is emerging as the global production hub of Toshiba Corporation to cater product and component requirements across the world.

Toshiba Corporation acquired Vijai Electricals Ltd in December 2013, and established Toshiba T&D Systems India Private Limited (TTDI), Hyderabad, India. TTDI is currently rubbing the acquired businesses and provide them with Toshiba’s latest state-of-the-art design, development and production capabilities in order to supply a wide range of T&D products globally.