The Indian electrical equipment industry comprises of two broad segments – generation equipment (boilers, turbines, generators) and transmission & distribution (T&D) and allied equipment like transformers, cables, transmission lines, switch gears, capacitors, energy meters, instrument transformers, surge arrestors, stamping and lamination, insulators, insulating material, industrial electronics, indicating instruments, winding wires, etc. The generation equipment sector is around 15% of the total industry, while the T&D equipment sector is the rest 85% in 2014-15.

The sector boasts of a diversified, matured and strong manufacturing base backed by a robust supply chain. Rugged performance design of equipment to meet tough network demand and presence of major foreign players, either directly or through technical collaborations with Indian manufacturers is a testimony of unique advantages India holds in this sector.

With state-of-the-art technology in most sub-sectors at par with global standards, the major export markets for Indian electrical equipment are USA, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Nigeria, China, Kenya and Brazil. The major export products are Rotating Machines (Motors, AC Generators, Generating Sets) & Parts, Switchgear and Control gear, Transformers & Parts, Cables, Industrial Electronics, Boilers & Parts, Transmission Line Towers etc.

Brand India Engineering campaign launched by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India aims at creating true brand value in international markets for Indian engineering products & services. It is expected to catapult India’s status in engineering capabilities, by highlighting India’s competitiveness, credibility & service commitments in engineering sector.

India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a Trust established by the Department of Commerce, Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) and EEPC India are steering the campaign in coordination with national associations & industry stakeholders in the Electrical Equipment sector.