Transformers are classified into two major segments, viz., power transformers and distribution transformers. Power transformers alone are utilised in power generation stations, while both power and distribution transformers are employed in operating transmission and distribution utilities. Power transformers contribute to 45 per cent of the total market, while distribution transformers account for the bulk of the industry at 55 per cent.

Transformer manufacturers cater to all utility boards across India. Over the last couple of decades, Indian manufacturers have developed a mature technology base with proven technology and the capability to manufacture a wide range of transformers for various applications.

India’s transformer market is dominated by several small companies. However, in recent years, many such companies are rapidly growing into medium-sized enterprises, expanding the organised sector and providing further impetus to the growth of the industry.

Types of Power Transformers

Types of Power Transformers    Ratings
Generator Transformers  up to 270 MVA 420/220 kV
Auto Transformers  up to 315 MVA 420/220 kV
Station Transformers  80 MVA
Unit Auxiliary Transformers  35 MVA
Traction Transformers  30.24 MVA 132/27 kV
Power Transformers  Above 10 MVA 33/11 kV up to 160 MVA 220/132 kV


Industry Classification

Power Transformers

  • Generator Step up Transformers
  • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converters Transformers
  • Shell Transformers
  • System Intertie Transformers

Distribution Transformers

  • Single phase distribution Transformers up to 315 KVA
  • Small distribution Transformers (0-315 KVA)
  • Medium distribution Transformers (316-2,499 KVA)
  • Large distribution Transformers (2,500-10,000 KVA ONAN)

Key Clusters

Transformer India image

India has become an attractive destination for international transformer companies. In addition to various government initiatives, several other factors have contributed significantly to making India the country of choice. Several foreign players are already setting up base in India. Over the last 12-15 months, new players have entered the market either through acquisitions or have set up facilities of their own.

The Indian transformer industry is projected to reach US$ 3 billion by 2016-17, growing at a CAGR of 10 per cent.